Adam Walters

Fermilab retiree Jack MacNerland passed away July 23 in West Chicago. Jack retired from the Fermilab Computing Division in 2013 after 35 years of service as the senior specialist overseeing buildings and data centers. He worked in the Computing Division for over 25 years, having worked in the Particle Physics division prior to that. Literally a “Jack of all trades,” he was known as an employee who could always get things done. Prior to working at Fermilab, Jack served in… More »

Adam Walters Adam Walters, computing data center manager, wrote this column. Fermilab’s Grid Computing Center is dedicated to supporting experiments in their scientific endeavors. It houses thousands of computers and is the most compute- and power-intensive data center at Fermilab. The effort to maintain Fermilab’s data centers’ reliability is a challenging one. Data centers run quietly in the background of the lab’s scientific program, and when they run well, you shouldn’t even notice. When there’s a hiccup — even a… More »