Chris Mossey

On Dec. 3, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and South Dakota Services Division team held our all-hands meeting following the lab-wide meeting in October. It’s a busy time, as we have accelerated the pace for the entire LBNF project over the past six months. 2019 will start fast as well, with our DOE Independent Progress Review happening in early January.

Sometimes, you can work on things for a long time, and it’s hard to measure progress. But there are other times when, suddenly, everything falls into place, and things happen very quickly!

The LBNF/DUNE team has had two main focus areas: gaining the approvals necessary to start early construction at the project’s far site at Sanford Lab in 2017 and prototyping the various systems that will eventually be scaled up and installed in DUNE’s massive underground neutrino detector.

In May our director, Nigel Lockyer, announced his intent to form an organization to support the U.S. flagship neutrino program based at Fermilab. This program includes the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF), which will provide the support infrastructure, and the high-intensity neutrino beam necessary to enable the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) to proceed. LBNF will require unique facilities to support DUNE’s far site detectors at the Sanford Underground Research Laboratory, in Lead, South Dakota, as well as here at Fermilab,… More »