Recent Releases

A select group of 24 high school science teachers from across the country will share the singular opportunity to bring the high-energy physics frontier back to their classrooms through the QuarkNet teacher training workshop July 1-6 at the Snowmass Conference Center, during the three-week conference “Snowmass 2001: A Summer Study on the Future of Particle Physics.”

Physicists, often regarded as having their heads in the clouds, will take their stereotype literally during an aerial experiment in the early morning of Sunday, July 8 at Snowmass, Colorado when they lift off in a hot-air balloon to re-create the 1912 discovery of cosmic rays by Austrian physicist Victor Hess.

The scientists and science educators taking part in “Snowmass 2001: A Summer Study on the Future of Particle Physics” have made children a priority in the three-week conference, June 30-July 21 at the Snowmass Conference Center.

Officials at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory today (March 1) announced the start of Collider Run II at the Tevatron, the highest-energy particle accelerator now operating in the world.