Enjoying Opera

  • This event finished on 21 May 2017
  • DIR/ Auditorium-WHGF - Wilson Hall Ground Floor

Enjoying Opera
is a series of 4 fun classes organized by CAIF about Opera and singing with professional singer Lianka Bedeschi.

First class: Sunday 30 of April afternoon, 3pm to 5pm, other 3 classes will follow on weekly basis at the same time (5/7, 5/14 and 5/21)

Ramsey Auditorium at Fermilab

This event is organized by the Cultural Association of Italians at Fermilab (CAIF)
For more info check: http://caif.fnal.gov/event/enjoying-opera/
Please register here to help us organize the event: https://goo.gl/forms/4oT12xacYPunrptz2