Minerba Betancourt

Para una versión en español, haga clic aquí. Para a versão em português, clique aqui. Neutrinos are difficult to study because their interaction with matter is extremely rare. Nonetheless, neutrino experiments do what they can to improve the odds: They use a neutrino beam with as high an energy as possible and build detectors filled with as many protons and neutrons as possible. One thing these detectors have in common is that they see nothing coming in, only something going… More »

Minerba Betancourt currently works on the MINERvA experiment. Photo courtesy of Minerba Betancourt NAME: Minerba Betancourt WHICH UNIVERSITY DID YOU ATTEND? University of Minnesota WHO WAS YOUR ADVISOR? Ken Heller. ON WHICH EXPERIMENT DID YOU WORK? NOvA WHAT IS YOUR RESEARCH FOCUS? I studied the muon neutrino data collected in the NOvA detector prototype, specifically the identification of quasi-elastic charged-current scattering and measurement of the behavior of the quasi-elastic muon neutrino cross section. My current interest is the study of… More »