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Hugh Montgomery gives Colloquium on “Jefferson Lab: Nuclear Physics Laboratory” – Sept. 20

After years of upgrades, Jefferson Lab’s CEBAF accelerator now gives researchers an unprecedented ability to explore the complex make-up of nucleons.

Mentoring Initiative mentor spotlight: Elvin Harms

Holly Lett of the Professional Development Office sat down with mentor Elvin Harms in a Q&A session to learn about his experience in the laboratory mentorship program.

Contract awarded for LBNF preconstruction services

A new contractor has officially signed on to help prepare for the excavation and construction of the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

50th memories: The prairie professor who liked to mix his pop

Dr. Betz was known, at Fermilab, for creating and overseeing the prairie planting project.

Three receive distinguished scientist distinction

The appointment is a special recognition of international scientific stature and accomplishment.

Meet Fermilab’s new chief strategic partnerships officer

Alison Markovitz will lead externally focused activities key to the success of LBNF, DUNE and Fermilab.

What was the DIFF in August? Make a DIFF in September!

People are hard at work all over Fermilab, as evidenced by many of the 136 photos you took for August’s Daily Image From Fermilab, or DIFF.

The Nuclear Past is Prologue: A Conversation with Valerie Plame, 75 Years After Fermi — Oct. 2

The best-known achievement of Enrico Fermi, Fermilab’s namesake, was the first sustained nuclear chain reaction, which took place 75 years ago, ushering in the Atomic Age.

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Fifty years of stories

To celebrate a half-century of discovery, Fermilab has been gathering tales of life at the lab.

The hunt for light dark matter

The SENSEI project uses innovative technology to think small in the search for dark matter.

Alex Himmel receives DOE award for DUNE photon detection

Himmel’s work will provide more precise measurements of neutrino energy.

Clearing a path to the stars

Astronomers are at the forefront of the fight against light pollution, which can obscure our view of the cosmos.

Fermilab Heroes of the LHC: Steve Nahn and Vivian O’Dell

The experiments based at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are undergoing a constant series of upgrades. Fermilab scientists Steve Nahn and Vivian O’Dell lead these upgrade efforts in the United States.

Detectors in the dirt

A humidity and temperature monitor developed for CMS finds a new home in Lebanon.

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