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Sergei Nagaitsev elected vice chair of APS Division of Physics of Beams

The division provides members of the American Physical Society an opportunity for coordination and a forum for discussion and communication.

Priorities and power outages

When the power goes out, what’s our first priority?

Fermilab Archivist Valerie Higgins stands next to the new permanent display of Fermilab artifacts. Photo: Hannah Ward
A peek into the archives: Fermilab artifacts now on display

The Fermilab Archives now hosts a permanent exhibit of unique Fermilab artifacts. The display is located on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall near the site model of Fermilab.

International Committee for Future Accelerators weighs in on International Linear Collider

After its most recent meeting, the committee released a statement on the future collider and its importance to the future of particle physics.

DZero’s de critter space

Fermilab scientist Dmitri Denisov recalls how, during autumn months, DZero experimenters occasionally collided with critters seeking warmth in the underground areas by the detector.

Fermilab user Sandra Biedron awarded IEEE PAST Award

Biedron’s research with her graduate students collaborating with Fermilab has encompassed facets of high-power electron sources, intelligent controls for particle accelerators, low-level radio-frequency control and modeling of the so-called “magnetic horns.”

Thanks, friends!

I was a young member of the Proton Lab walking down the hallway on the 11th floor of Wilson Hall when an administrative staff member handed me a telephone and asked me to please take this call. OK!

Main Ring period: The darkest-turned-happiest days at Fermilab

Early in the history of the Main Ring accelerator, determined Fermilab crews walked the accelerator from what seemed to be the brink of failure.

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Football, skaters and stars

Watch a figure skater doing a pirouette, bringing her outstretched arms to her side and whirling faster, then stretching out her arms and slowing down.

Q&A with Nobel laureate Barry Barish

Barish explains how LIGO became the high-achieving experiment it is today.

Relativity’s key concept: Lorentz gamma

Central to all of the equations of relativity is the Lorentz factor, also known as gamma. In this 8-minute video, Don Lincoln shows you a simple way to derive gamma and explains its physical significance.

Fermilab’s 11th employee

Fantastical designs elevate physics in works by Fermilab’s first artist.

Charles Thanagaraj holds a model of the compact accelerator he recently received a grant to develop. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Charles Thangaraj receives Accelerator Stewardship grant for water treatment project

The money will further a novel conceptual technique for Chicago water treatment with high-power electron beams.

Something borrowed

SLAC engineer Knut Skarpaas designs some of physics’ most challenging machines, finding inspiration in unexpected places.

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