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Ball of fire

I was about to leave one of the lab’s service buildings when in came someone like a streak of lightning.

STEM Career Expo draws hundreds of local students

Fermilab’s annual STEM Career Expo featured more than 140 professionals from 40 organizations.

A look at Fermilab’s Earth Week fair

Employees stopped by the Earth Week fair to learn about high-speed rail, energy-efficient lighting, bicycle commuting and other measures we can take to be greener in our everyday lives.

IMSA celebrates 30, pays homage to Lederman

The connection between Fermilab and the Illinois Math and Science Academy goes back to the lab’s second director.

Come visit the new baby bison at Fermilab!

Baby bison season is here, and all are welcome to visit with and photograph the newborns. Fermilab is expecting the new babies to be joined by at least 10 more over the next six weeks.

Healthy baby bison born today

A healthy baby bison was born at Fermilab today. It is anticipated that at least 10 more babies will be born this spring. Enjoy the photos and video.

Exploring the lab

As a summer student, it was fun to go exploring different lab buildings and rooms.

New lab building passes DOE milestone

Fermilab is one step closer to providing additional modernized space for our employees and users.

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50 years of discoveries and innovations at Fermilab: QIE microelectronics for improved data analysis

These integrated circuits combine data from analog signals into a form researchers can analyze with excellent resolution.

#AskSymmetry Twitter chat with Tulika Bose

See Boston University physicist Tulika Bose’s answers to readers’ questions about research at the Large Hadron Collider.

Did you see it?

Boston University physicist Tulika Bose explains why there’s more than one large, general-purpose particle detector at the Large Hadron Collider.

Archaeology meets particle physics

Undergraduates search for hidden tombs in Turkey using cosmic-ray muons.

A tiny droplet of the early universe?

Particles seen by the ALICE experiment hint at the formation of quark-gluon plasma during proton-proton collisions.

Relativity and GPS

Does your car talk to you? Does it say things like “In half a mile, turn left”?

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