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Video: Fermilab Open House

Share this 45-second video with your friends and family. Promote our Sept. 23 Open House!

Angela Gonzales’ lasting mark

Fermilab artist Angela Gonzales was not only a visionary who helped create the visually striking laboratory environment many know today, but she was also a warm, kind-hearted spirit whose friendship meant a great deal to laboratory archivist and historian Adrienne Kolb.

DPF 2017 in pictures

Attendees got caught up on the latest news from particle physics experiments across the United States, reconnected with colleagues and friends, and forged connections with new ones.

Sign up to help with our big Open House

More than 9,000 people have already signed up to attend our Open House on Sept. 23. Employees and users can do two things to help make this the biggest and best open house in Fermilab’s 50-year history.

Bison tales

I used to feed the bison back in the day. We used to have two herds. One was where the current herd lives now, and the other was across the street.

Boy, is my face red

Most Fermilab employees and users know how to identify a phishing email. Now let’s get everyone to recognize one.

Daily images from Fermilab in July

Have you signed up to take a photo in 2017 for the Daily Image From Fermilab? If not, consider joining the 100-plus people at the lab who have contributed to our 50th-anniversary yearbook at DIFF.

50th memories: Introducing the top quark

The hunt for the top quark at Fermilab was heating up in 1994 when scientist Mike Albrow and his colleagues on the CDF experiment felt they were close to cornering the last, undiscovered member of the quark family. Albrow tells the story leading to the discovery of the particle by CDF and DZero.

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Virtual walk: construction of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility

Take a virtual walk through LBNF! This 2-minute animation will guide you through LBNF’s large caverns, which will house the huge particle detectors for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

QuarkNet takes on solar eclipse science

High school students nationwide will study the effects of the solar eclipse on cosmic rays.

Dark matter hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN

A video from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory explains how the upcoming LZ experiment will search for the missing 85 percent of the matter in the universe.

Total eclipse of the sun

Imagine: You are outside on a sunny day, and it starts to get really dark, not just heavily overcast, but night-dark, perhaps dark enough to see stars.

Think FAST

The new Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology facility at Fermilab looks to the future of accelerator science.

Fermilab Heroes of the LHC: Greg Rakness

Fermilab’s Greg Rakness is a hero of the LHC for his work in organizing the commissioning and operations of CMS, one of the two big detectors at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

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