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Doorway to the future

Fermilab has begun demolishing selected Main Ring service buildings, providing a path to build new facilities to match the needs of a future machine.

Electric vehicle show on Sept. 23

With the imminent arrival of mass-market, long-range electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, the electric vehicle is becoming a mainstream subject around water coolers and during coffee breaks.

In the News

NIU joins DUNE project

From Northern Star, Sept. 15, 2016: Dan Boyden, third year physics graduate at Northern Illinois University, is hoping to be sent to Switzerland to work hands-on for DUNE, an international particle experiment including more than 140 labs and universities across 27 countries.



Summer of science

Fermilab’s summer interns exchange lazy days for lab experience.

Memoir: The handrails

A story of the fate of some walnut trees on the laboratory site in 1979 takes us inside the Wilson Hall stairways.

October wellness

A friendly DOE Mile competition, the labwide Health and Wellness Fair, broomball, soccer and fitness classes are here!

Matter and antimatter

Antimatter in the universe is extremely rare; the universe is made pretty much entirely out of matter. DZero digs deeper into a previous, unusual result measuring the difference between matter and antimatter.

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Sun sets in the green

Sun sets on an August evening in the NML area. Photo: Paula Lambertz

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