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Pack a lunch and learn about education and outreach opportunities at Fermilab

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, from noon to 1 p.m. in One West, the Education Office will host a brown bag lunch on outreach opportunities at Fermilab.

Zipcar comes to Fermilab

You asked, we listened. Fermilab has established a pilot program with Zipcar.

The flowers of the eastern prairie fringed orchid are highly symmetrical, not unlike much of the physics that Fermilab scientists study. Photo: Ryan Campbell
Fermilab plants rare orchids to support population of endangered species

Eastern prairie fringed orchids are planted at seven sites throughout its campus, promoting the growth of this rare species.

Honorable Sean Stackley to speak on Tuesday, Feb. 20

Join the Fermilab engineering community to celebrate National Engineers Week with our keynote speaker, the Honorable Sean Stackley.

The UEC members were distinguished at the recent meet-and-greet by their orange shirts. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Interaction: Fermilab employees and users enjoy UEC meet-and-greet

Our goal is to inform users of what UEC does and provide an informal forum to actively connect with them.

Can a banana do more than provide the body with much needed potassium? Martin Makler can tell you. Photo: Jim Shultz
In photos: Fermilab Family Open House on Feb. 11

The event included opportunities to talk with lab employees, a panel discussion, tours, a physics carnival and a liquid-nitrogen show.

Upcoming leadership changes

A series of area-specific all-hands meetings will be held Feb. 13 and 14 to discuss upcoming lab leadership changes in detail and hear from leadership. All employees and users are invited to the meetings.

Sergey Antipov wins Outstanding Thesis Award for work done at Fermilab

CERN scientist Sergey Antipov, an alumnus of the Fermilab Accelerator Ph.D. program, completed his 2017 doctoral thesis based on research he completed at Fermilab, specifically on circular high-intensity particle accelerators.

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An MRI was used to image tissue inside an individual's head. Image: Helmut Januschka
Using tech to peek inside your body

Imagine your flesh becoming transparent enough to see everything going on inside your body — or someone else’s. Yucky, but really interesting.

Show your affection with physics valentines

When it comes to love, sometimes you have to say it with science.

Fermilab built the lens-holding barrel of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Installation phase of next-generation dark energy experiment begins

Installation has begun for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, a next-generation astrophysics tool. Fermilab is managing key parts of the construction of the instrument, which will begin its five-year observation run in 2019.

Subatomic Smackdown

When it comes to talent, versatility and the power to change the world, which atomic particle is the champ? Read what our four contenders have to say—then you decide.

Learning to speak quantum

Particle physicists are studying ways to harness the power of the quantum realm to further their research.

Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment officially starts up

The experiment aims for unprecedented precision in measuring an important property of the muon, one that could open a window into new physics.

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