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A new era for Fermilab international relations

Marcela Carena is the new director of international relations, critical to the success of LBNF/DUNE. She will promote contact and collaboration with global partners, establishing new ties and strengthening existing ones.

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Capacitor tree at night

Looking up from the ground, the capacitor tree is captivating at night. Photo: Steve Krave, TD

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Fourth annual Physics Slam gets good rap

On the same weekend that saw the fourth Hunger Games movie open nationwide, hundreds of people trekked to Fermilab to watch the fourth iteration of our own ruthless competition. Five scientists took the stage on Friday night, and only one left — with a prize, that is.

Charge-parity violation

Matter and antimatter behave differently. Scientists hope that investigating how might someday explain why we exist.

Lead bottom

The nice thing about the LHC research program is that it allows scientists to investigate many phenomena.


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DUNE and its CERN connection

CERN Courier: The strong partnership between the US Department of Energy and CERN already established in the LHC program is one of the essential components for the success of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and the proposed Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility at Fermilab.