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Tevatron reunion at ICHEP

The reunion was a chance not only to talk about the Tevatron’s achievements, but also to present new results from the full data set.

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China, Japan, CERN: Who will host the next LHC?

From Nature, Aug. 19, 2016: The next steps for particle physics now seem less certain, as discussions at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) suggest. Much hinges on whether the LHC unearths phenomena that fall outside the standard model of particle physics and whether China’s plans to build an LHC successor move forward.

New data give clearer picture of Higgs boson

From Science News, Aug. 11, 2016: Particle physicists, including Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer, scrutinize latest LHC results to refine knowledge of the Higgs boson’s properties.



Funneling fundamental particles

Tooting our horn: Fermilab has the most expertise in constructing neutrino horns, which focus the particles that eventually decay into neutrinos. Learn how they work.

The $100 muon detector

A doctoral student and his adviser designed a tabletop particle detector they hope to make accessible to budding young engineering physicists.

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Turtle practices dog pose

A snapping turtle practices adho mukha shvanasana (downward facing dog) in some grass near the pedestrian path. Photo: Amy Scroggins

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