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From CTO Sergey Belomestnykh: Seven things you should know

The Technical Division has been making great strides in SRF, magnet development and cryogenics, and our recent reorganization reflects the division’s primary capabilities.

Urban Sketchers get their sketch on at Fermilab

Urban Sketchers holds monthly sketch crawls, as they’re called. Their mission is to “show the world, one drawing at a time.”

New governance for the USPAS

This March DOE national laboratories and NSF university accelerator centers formally signed a new memorandum of agreement that governs the USPAS as a Fermilab program.

Laura Fields is new MINERvA co-spokesperson

Laura Fields looks forward to supporting MINERvA’s early-career researchers and to being a good role model for women in the collaboration

David A. Finley retires after 36 years to the day on April 1

Throughout his career, Finley’s work involved him in numerous science experiments, as well as multiple roles that spanned from research to management.

See new dimensions of Fermilab at the employee art show

Are the people at Fermilab talented? Yes. And if you doubt it, visit this year’s Fermilab employee art show to become a believer.

Let our education begin

Marge Bardeen, educator and former head of the Fermilab Education Office, tells the story of how a number of dedicated people started the lab’s first education initiatives.

Update on tritium management

Fermilab is dedicated to keeping the amounts of tritium produced and discharged from the site as low as possible.

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Why do we have a seminar on Friday afternoons?

Fermilab’s Wine and Cheese seminar is a long-standing tradition. Where does it come from, and why, of all times, does it take place on Friday afternoon?

How to make a discovery

Particle physics is a dance between theory and experiment.

Video: Weak nuclear force: quantum chameleon

Weak force decays change the identity of a particle as well as its electrical charge. Scientists are looking for identity-changing decays with no change in electrical charge, which would point to new physics.

A new gem inside the CMS detector

This month U.S. scientists embedded sophisticated new instruments in the heart of a Large Hadron Collider experiment.

High-energy visionary

Meet Hernán Quintana Godoy, the scientist who made Chile central to international astronomy.

NOvA sees first antineutrino

The observation occurred just two hours after the lab’s accelerator complex switched to antineutrino delivery mode.

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