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Complex complexes

These two-minute animations break down the accelerator systems at Fermilab and CERN.

In photos: 2018 Engineers Retreat

In honor of our engineers, Fermilab Creative Services created a slideshow showcasing the work they do for the laboratory.

Animation of Fermilab accelerator complex

The 6,800-acre Fermilab site is home to a chain of particle accelerators that provide particle beams to numerous experiments and R&D programs. This 2-minute animation shows how particles travel through the accelerator complex at close to the speed of light.

Starting from the bottom

The bottom quark may lead physicists on a path to new discoveries.

Get a suspicious email? Check out our new web feature

Have you ever gotten a suspicious-looking email, but you’re not sure if it’s phishing or not? The Cybersecurity Team has a new resource to help you out.

Seventy-one students completed the winter 2018 Saturday Morning Physics session. Photo: Elliott McCrory
Saturday Morning Physics students graduate from winter session

On March 3, 71 local high school students graduated from the winter session of Saturday Morning Physics in a ceremony held in the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Video: Kirsty Duffy: experimental physicist

As a child, Kirsty Duffy learned about the smallest building blocks that make up the world and was inspired to pursue physics through high school and college. She talks not only about self-doubt in one’s abilities, but the thrill of making a discovery and being the one to share it with the world.

Participants enjoyed coffee, tea and pastries after the event. Photo: Dawn Staszak
Tea Talk: Four Fermilab women share their stories on International Women’s Day

About 70 women gathered at Building 327 to hear from four laboratory employees about the journeys they’ve taken throughout their careers.

Fermilab to host Photowalk for photographers on July 28

Fermilab will participate in the 2018 Global Physics Photowalk with a local Photowalk on July 28. Registration will open on June 4.

Jo Ann Larson retires after 30 years at Fermilab

Larson has worked in Computing for nearly all of her time at Fermilab. After working in a variety of capacities, she became a gatekeeper in the Finance Group in 2005 and has been in that role since.

LHC exhibit expands beyond the visual

The touring Tactile Collider event explores new ways to access Large Hadron Collider science through touch, sound and live interaction.

Video: Twin paradox: the real explanation

In the famous twin paradox, one twin travels a great distance at the speed of light and returns, much younger than the other twin. Who is moving, and who isn’t? In this 13-minute video, Don Lincoln explains the perplexing puzzle.

DUNE collaboration elects University of Manchester’s Stefan Soldner-Rembold as new co-spokesperson

Soldner-Rembold has experience leading a large collaboration and has been working in neutrino physics for more than a decade.

Lia Merminga to lead Fermilab’s next accelerator project

On March 1, Lia Merminga, an internationally renowned accelerator physicist with leadership experience at three science laboratories, took on the role of project director for the Proton Improvement Plan II.

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Una animación del complejo de aceleradores de partículas del FermilabNEW

From Tecnomania, March 21, 2018: Esta animación muestra sobre unas bonitas imágenes aéreas el funcionamiento de los aceleradores de partículas del Fermilab –nombre coloquial del Laboratorio Nacional Fermi– que se construyó en 1967 en Illinois (Estados Unidos) hace ya la friolera de más de 50 años. Actualmente lo están «actualizando» y ampliando para llevar a cabo nuevos experimentos.

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