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All dressed up

In 1990, Penny Kasper, Danying Yi and I were all graduate students on the E791 experiment.

Recent changes to Security Department management

From now on, please be sure to direct all security-related correspondence to Dave Esterquest. He will also continue in his role as emergency planner for the lab.

ICARUS detector scheduled to arrive at Fermilab today

After a six-week journey from CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, the ICARUS detector is expected to arrive at Fermilab late afternoon today, July 26.

John Cooper retires after 32 years of service

On July 31 John Cooper will retire after 32 years at Fermilab and 42 years of participating in Fermilab experiments.

APS Division of Particles and Fields meeting at Fermilab July 31-Aug. 4

Starting next Monday, July 31, Fermilab will welcome more than 600 of our colleagues from the particle physics community to the 2017 meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Particles and Fields.

New strategic plan website now live

What’s the lab’s plan? Let Fermilab employees tell you themselves with the interactive strategic plan website.

Construction begins on international mega-science experiment to understand neutrinos

A groundbreaking ceremony held at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota, marks the start of construction of a massive international experiment that could change our understanding of the universe.

Inside ProtoDUNE

The construction of ProtoDUNE at CERN continues, and as you can see, it’s got a shiny, metallic interior.

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Angela Fava: studying neutrinos around the globe

This experimental physicist has followed the ICARUS neutrino detector from Gran Sasso to Geneva to Chicago.

Turning plots into stained glass

Hubert van Hecke, a heavy-ion physicist, transforms particle physics plots into works of art.

The MiniBooNE search for dark matter

A large sensitive particle detector, placed in an intense particle beam and equipped with a mechanism to suppress the Standard Model interactions, could unveil new, dark matter particles.

Shaking the dark matter paradigm

A theory about gravity challenges our understanding of the universe.

DUNE’s strong showing at Neutrino Day

Once a year the Black Hills come alive with the sounds of science.

Is radiation dangerous?

When you hear the term “radiation,” do you think about a man bitten by a radioactive spider or irradiated by gamma rays? In this 10-minute video, scientist Don Lincoln talks about the gamut of radiation levels, from safe to harmful (and cinematically enhanced).

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