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The Internet of Things

More and more devices are being built with network capability: refrigerators, televisions, cameras, even toys. We should enjoy the convenience this brings but do so cautiously.

It’s not all relative in ethics

FRA is committed to doing world-class physics with ethical behavior and professional integrity. We do this by providing resources and supporting initiatives to highlight and strengthen ethical behavior.

Shiny new things

Many holiday gifts this year will tech gadgets and devices. But be careful. Just because a new technology appears sleek and fun, doesn’t mean there are no cybersecurity risks.

In the News

Fermilab event designed to bring physics to the people

From The Aurora Beacon-News, Dec. 1, 2016: Physics Slam V, had five scientists looking to present physics in a way that was accessible, understandable, entertaining and, well, poetic. Read the article and view the 3-minute video.

Google Cloud, HEPCloud and probing the nature of Nature

From Google Cloud Platform Blog, Nov. 14, 2016: Google Cloud Platform is now a supported provider for HEPCloud, a project launched in June 2015 by Fermilab’s Scientific Computing Division to develop a virtual facility providing a common interface to local clusters, grids, high-performance computers and community and commercial clouds.



Viewing our turbulent universe

Construction has begun for the CTA, a discovery machine that will study the highest-energy objects and events across the entire sky.

Don Lincoln elected AAAS fellow

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has elected Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln as a 2016 AAAS fellow.

Handy and trendy: MicroBooNE’s new look

Technicians, engineers and scientists have draped the MicroBooNE detector at Fermilab in a shiny new exterior that helps scientists separate cosmic ray signals from neutrino signals.

Photo of the Day

Watery mantis

A praying mantis outside the Main Control Room tries to dry off after a rainfall. Photo: Michael Vincent

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