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One minute with Keith Coiley, data center specialist

Every day is different for Keith Coiley, who will cheerfully help you manage almost any task that comes his way.

On the journey to 15 tesla

The Fermilab 15-T Dipole Demonstrator has become a centerpiece of the National Magnet Development Program for the next two to three years.

From COO Tim Meyer: Export control and what you should know

Fermilab will soon be implementing Export Control Awareness Training for all employees and users.

A new tool in the project toolkit

We’ve implemented a new web application to up the efficiency of managing projects.

One minute with Jerry Zimmerman, engineering physicist

Jerry Zimmerman, known to many as the beloved Mr. Freeze, is a jack of all trades at Fermilab.

Photos: 2017 Family Open House

It was likely the biggest Family Open House ever at Fermilab.

Arden Warner receives Barbados Golden Jubilee Award

Warner’s award recognizes his contribution to innovative energy research in solar and wind energy and oil spill remediation technology.

Introducing CFO Vanessa Peoples

New Fermilab Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Peoples has just completed her first week at the laboratory, but she says she already feels at home here.

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Instrument finds new earthly purpose

Detectors long used to look at the cosmos are now part of X-ray experiments here on Earth.

Video: Summer science for students

In the 1970s, Fermilab scientist Herman White presented Director Leon Lederman with an idea for a program for summer students, one that has become a mainstay of Fermilab summers.

The global reach of DUNE

Researchers from around the world sign on to be a part of the future Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Putting to good use: Old lab equipment goes to new science

Some older lab instruments may have outlived their usefulness in Fermilab experiments, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live on in other science projects.

Mobile Neutrino Lab makes its debut

The Mystery Machine for particles hits the road.

Scientific Linux: Created for physics, now used in medicine

Did you know that imaging scanners at the hospital next door could be running the same operating system as Fermilab’s particle accelerators and experiments?

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