Wilson Hall elevator cars 1 and 3 will undergo repairs that will require them being off-line tomorrow May 11 for approximately 4 hours per unit. Please plan accordingly.

The Wilson Hall West Filtrine drinking water system will be taken offline temporarily for routine maintenance starting Monday, April 30. As a result all Wilson Hall West drinking fountains will out of service until routine maintenance for that system  is complete. Please plan on using the Wilson Hall East drinking fountains until this process is complete. Upon completion of the Wilson Hall West system we will repeat the process for the East system, which is anticipated to start Wednesday, May 2. We apologize… More »

Friday, March 2, is the deadline for submitting requests for on-site houses and apartments for the summer of 2018. Please submit requests to the Housing Office using the online form at http://fess.fnal.gov/accommodations/housing_request.html. Requests can be made for any period and need not commence on any particular date. Allocations of houses and apartments will be decided by the Housing Allocation Committee, based on experiment or theory group priority as determined by a Directorate representative and in accordance with the needs of the… More »

Starting Feb. 28, the southeast stairwell will be closed to routine pedestrian traffic (Wednesday 2/28 thru Friday 3/2) between the first and ground floors for water leak mitigation efforts. Emergency exiting will be facilitated and signage will be posted.   On Saturday 3/3 and Sunday 3/4, the stairwell in that location will be closed to all traffic and will remain so until Monday 3/5 morning at 6 a.m., when we reopen. Emergency exiting will be rerouted and signage will be… More »

The southwest Wilson Hall and Ramsey Auditorium Lobby entry doors have been temporarily closed and posted. This closure is due to the potential overhead hazard that exist related to the snow and ice buildup on the 17th-floor southwest corner roof edge. This closure will remain in effect until further notice. Wilson Hall Building Management

There will be a sitewide (except for the Village residences and labs) power outage on Monday, September 11, as our electrical team switches site power distribution from the Master Substation to the Kautz Road Substation.  The electrical outage will begin at 6:00 AM with the powering down of the Main Injector Areas; these areas will be powered ON by 6:25 AM.  This will be followed by an electrical outage for the remainder of the site (except for the Village residences and labs ). … More »

There will be an electrical utility outage on Friday, Sept. 1, from 6:30-7:30 a.m. This will affect the main site (not the Village) and the Main Injector. Questions? Contact Joe Pathiyil at x3004 or 630-404-0110. You may also call Larry Sliwa at x3582. Contact your building manager for outage accommodation plans such as relocation, emergency power, emergency bathroom facilities, etc. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.