There will be a scheduled power outage affecting Wilson Hall on Saturday, Sept. 24, starting at 6 a.m., ending at 6 p.m. Wilson Hall and Ramsey Auditorium will be closed during this time. The only point for entry into Wilson Hall for authorized personnel during the outage will be the ground floor, southwest corner. The building will be closed to all others. Please power down all essential electronics at the end of business day today, Friday, Sept. 23

For Fermilab employees who work in or visit Wilson Hall, an invisible but highly sophisticated system provides clean, safe drinking water. This system provides filtered, sterilized and chilled water to drinking fountains throughout the building.

Kent Collins Kent Collins, head of the Facilities Engineering Services Section, wrote this column. Success of Fermilab’s mission relies heavily on active participation from graduate students, postdocs, researchers and other university personnel. Many of these visitors, or users, reside nearby or are lucky enough to live in on-site housing. One of my early meetings with Director Nigel Lockyer was a tour of the Village housing, where he’d lived for several years while working with the CDF collaboration as a University… More »

Last week, the Batavia, Fermilab and Warrenville fire departments conducted training exercises in the Village. FESS is removing materials from buildings scheduled to be demolished to be reused in similar structures elsewhere. The fire departments made use of these near-end-of-life buildings, running emergency drills in and on them. Here the Batavia fire chief joins Fermilab firefighters as they cut into one building’s roof.

In May, contractor Stark and Son began fixing a broken utility pipe that for years had been taking in soil through a break in the pipe wall, facilitating the growth of a pre-existing sinkhole. The hole pictured was on the Main Injector berm between MI31 and MI39. Workers used the track hoe pictured to dig a hole roughly 25 feet deep. For scale, the worker in the middle of the hole is about 6 feet tall.