Fermilab Art Gallery

Have you been to see the Angela Gonzales exhibit at the Fermilab Art Gallery yet? If not, be sure to check it out. Fermilab’s first artist made a lasting mark on the laboratory — in drawings, on buildings, even by designing the Fermilab logo.

From the Kane County Chronicle, May 17, 2017: Geneva resident Jim Jenkins has been chosen as Fermilab’s third artist-in-residence, and has big plans for his tenure.

Ellen Sandor, Fermilab’s 2016 artist-in-residence, shines a new light on Fermilab’s neutrino research with her current exhibit at the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Have you seen the new exhibit in the Fermilab Art Gallery? You can take in a bit of virtual-reality artwork by artist-in-residience Ellen Sandor and (art)n. What you see may look something like this.