Best wishes for the New Year!

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone

We have closed a great year for the laboratory. Thanks to the efforts of everyone at the laboratory, every program has advanced as planned or faster than planned. Last year’s budget miraculously was settled early in the fiscal year. The Tevatron and neutrino programs were the most productive in the world; our particle astrophysics programs made the news and had excellent review by DOE. The LHC turn on was very successful. Mu2e and LBNE both got CD-0, MicroBooNE got CD-1, and the g-2 proposed experiment got top marks and will be done, budgets permitting, setting the pace for our future intensity frontier program. Project X advanced nicely and is likely to achieve CD-0 soon. Two of our theorists were recognized with the Sakurai Prize of the American Physical Society. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program stayed on schedule and greatly advanced NOvA, LBNE, superconducting radio frequency and several infrastructure programs. All this was recognized in the grades that DOE gave us in December, which were very good and qualified us for a further extension of the DOE contract with Fermi Research Alliance. At this point we are qualified for four years extension beyond the initial contract, taking us to 2016.

Technically we are poised for an equally successful year in 2011. Unfortunately the situation is less predictable, due to uncertainties on the budgetary front. We are living with a continuing resolution through March that does not allow new construction starts. The new congressional members are twirling an ax that may fall even on this fiscal year. We do not know the FY12 budget and its effect on our overall plans, including the Tevatron extension. The recent uncertainties created by the National Science Board action on DUSEL are a major complication in our planning. All of these issues make for a very challenging and demanding year ahead. It is important that in these tense times we bring forward the esprit de corps that characterizes Fermilab. We must all work not only very hard but with understanding and mutual support. I know I will need all your good wishes, support and understanding as I try to guide our institution through the turbulence ahead.