Icy conditions: be extremely careful when walking

Be careful on ice.

Monday’s mixed precipitation left slushy, wet conditions. The slush, combined with this week’s below freezing and near-zero temperatures are a recipe for very icy surfaces.

Please use extra caution when entering and exiting your vehicle or walking on site. Pay close attention to and test surfaces, take small steps, shuffle your feet and wear footgear appropriate for the conditions. Learn tips and techniques to traverse slick surfaces in the most recent ES&H Tip.

Fermilab’s Roads and Grounds crew are working extra hours to treat these slick surfaces with a combination of salt and sand mixed with beet juice. The beet juice helps to enhance the performance of the salt and sand mixture. However, when temperatures plummet to near zero degrees or below zero degrees, the mixture isn’t as effective and some slick surfaces will remain.

If you encounter icy roadways or surfaces please notify Roads & Grounds by calling x3303.