MI-8 addition construction sets safety record

Subcontractors celebrate 10,000 hours of work with no accidents or injuries.

During 10,000 man-hours of hammering, cutting and moving to construct the addition to the Main Injector-8 building, no one was injured and no accidents occurred.

Aurora-based subcontractor R. C. Wegman Construction Company held a pizza party on site last month for 30 people involved with the work to celebrate the safety milestone. While the party highlighted the safety success of the subcontracted employees, Fermilab employees involved in the project also stayed injury-free during the nine months of construction. FESS officials credit the 10,000-hour milestone in large part to good preplanning and hazard analysis work before construction began.

Fermilab added a new high bay to the existing Main Injector-8 service building, which functions as the access and support building for the Main Injector underground enclosure at the 8 GeV injection point.

The expansion of the MI-8 service building allows for the consolidation of two Accelerator Division Target Hall Operations Groups into one support facility. Wegman received the $2.9 million construction contract with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

— Tona Kunz