Learn more about Fermilab’s future on new site

Fermilab pursues a diverse, world-leading research program that addresses the most important—and most challenging—questions related to research at the Energy, Intensity and Cosmic frontiers.

With the closing of the Tevatron particle collider, Fermilab will shift its primary research focus from the Energy Frontier to the Intensity Frontier, construct new experiments and pave the path for large-scale projects that require the world’s most intense particle beams.

A new website launched today provides information about Fermilab’s current research program, the projects and experiments that will ramp up over the next few years, and our plan for Fermilab’s long-term future. The site is also the place to ask questions and read answers about Fermilab’s future plans and projects. Be sure to check back over the next few months, as more information about federal funding for basic science, and its impact on Fermilab’s plan for the future, becomes available.

Visit the site