Scientific journal access at Fermilab

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson, head of the Business Services Section, wrote this week’s column.

Fermilab scientists often need to cite research to support their work. To access the research they need, Fermilab’s Library, under the leadership of Information Resources Manager Heath O’Connell, provides laboratory researchers access to scientific journals and articles. Researchers most commonly access these journals online through a site license. A summary of how to access these journals and what the library has available is below.

All told, we have site licenses to more than 400 journals. The Library Journal List gives a complete title list with links. We also have site licenses to popular specialized magazines such as Nature and Physics Today. These site licenses give us permission to quickly search, view, download and print articles and to share them freely with co-workers. We also have access to the Science Direct/Elsevier High Energy Physics and Astronomy Backfile, which includes in 20 prominent journals such as Physics Letters A&B and Nuclear Physics A&B (more current articles are mainly available as preprints through Spires.)

In addition to journals, we also have site licenses to more than 40 engineering standards and to engineering reference materials through Knovel.

The Library website also provides links to preprint catalogs of mostly full-text scientific articles that the Fermilab and other high-energy physics and astrophysics libraries maintain for the common good, such as Spires/Inspire, arXiv, JACoW and Harvard-Smithsonian ADS.

In case you need access to a scientific article that you can’t find through the library site, please e-mail requests to including brief article citations and need-by date; we can normally provide articles within any time-frame required. Fermilab also freely shares the results of our scientific research through Open Access. The laboratory has institutional membership in three paperless journals: JHEP, JINST and JCAP. These institutional memberships give Open Access to articles written by Fermilab authors, so they are available to anyone on the Internet with no restrictions. The LHC collaborations have also committed to publishing all of their results in Open Access journals.

Through site licenses, Open Access, and e-mail requests, Fermilab researchers have electronic access when they need it to just about any scientific article.