Fermilab exhibits at annual AAAS conference

In February, Fermilab joined nine other Department of Energy Office of Science laboratories in the exhibit hall at the 117thannual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Fermilab set up a booth on DOE Row, an aisle of the exhibit hall featuring Department of Energy laboratories and other science groups. At the booth, which attracted thousands with its colorful layout, scintillating plastic rulers and picture books, Fermilab staff answered questions and explained the science conducted at the laboratory.

Fermilab Office of Communication’s Kurt Riesselmann explains science done at the laboratory to meeting attendees. Behind him is Fermilab’s exhibit booth, which shows Fermilab science at each of the three frontiers: Energy, Intensity and Cosmic.

Fermilab Office of Communication staff member Leah Hesla demonstrates how Fermilab’s scintillating rulers shift ultra-violet light into visible light at the Fermilab booth. Fermilab staff members handed out more than 1,000 rulers.

Across the aisle from Fermilab’s booth, also in DOE Row, was the Accelerators for America booth, designed by Fermilab staff and contractors. Fermilab staff and other volunteers from universities and funding agencies explained accelerator applications and the benefits that accelerators have to society.

In this photo, University of Chicago researcher Joe Tuggle demonstrates how accelerators work using an accelerator bowl, a display created by Todd Johnson, Fermilab. Charged copper strips inside the bowl create electric fields that accelerate a ping pong ball coated with conductive paint. See this YouTube video to learn more.