Mentors needed for Fermilab summer programs

An undergraduate student in the Summer Internships in Science and Technology internship program gives her presentation in 2009. Photo: Cindy Arnold.

Each summer, a few dozen undergraduate and high school students from around the world convene on Fermilab to participate in various internship programs.

These programs, which range in length from six-12 weeks, succeed largely in part because of the dedicated individuals who give their time to mentoring these students, said Carol Angarola, internship program coordinator in Fermilab’s Education Office.

To make this summer’s programs as successful as previous years, Fermilab needs volunteers to train and supervise these students. Employees and users working at the laboratory for at least half of the internship’s duration can volunteer as mentors.

For more information on Fermilab’s internship programs, please visit the Education Office’s internship website.

If you have an idea for a project that could be addressed during the summer, or if you would like to volunteer your time as a mentor, please contact Erik Ramberg, Roger Dixon, Eric Prebys or Carol Angarola. For questions about Fermilab’s Summer Internships in Science and Technology program, contact Jamieson Olsen For information on the Target internship program, please contact Sandra Charles.

Rhianna Wisniewski