Timely timecards

Cindy Conger

Cindy Conger, head of the Finance Section, wrote this week’s column.

The Fermilab Time and Labor system has been in place for all employees since last June, and many employees have been using electronic time reporting since November of 2007. Most of us have become accustomed to filling out our timecard and approving it by the deadline of 10 a.m. every Monday morning so that our supervisor can approve it by the noon deadline that day.

The number of missing timecards — those that have not been submitted by employees — has decreased from an average of 60 per week last June to less than 40 per week now. This is an improvement, but we need to do better. Across our divisions, sections and centers, the laboratory expends effort equal to a full-time person to follow up on these missing time cards, make adjustments and make sure all timecards have supervisory approval.

In order to make it convenient to submit your timecard from home or any other location away from the laboratory, the FTL system is available via the Web, without needing VPN access for most operating systems. The link is available from the Fermilab at Work page under Quick Links: Time and Labor Reporting. From the FTL Launch page, click “Go to FTL Timecard;” or use this direct link to the FTL logon page

Weekly reporting and approval of time allows us to post labor costs to our financial system more frequently than once a month, giving programs and projects the ability to access and review these costs sooner.

Please make every effort to submit your timecard, and approve your employees’ timecards if you are a supervisor, before the Monday deadlines (10 a.m. and noon, respectively). This will save a lot of people some time and help enhance the efficiency of our payroll and labor distribution processes.