Beware: Pop-up ads could be phishing scams

A pop-up ad, such as the one pictured above tricked individuals at Fermilab into clicking on the link provided. Fermilab’s antivirus software would never ask you to remove, download or install items.

During the last week, a dozen people fell prey to virus software that was delivered by pop-up boxes when the individuals were surfing the web. When they visited the website, a new window (pop-up) appeared, stating that the computer’s anti-virus software detected dangerous spyware and prompting the user to click on a button to remove the spyware. If you are greeted with pop-up anti-virus alerts, please do not click any buttons or download the executable applications provided. If you do encounter a popup anti-virus alert, close all of your browser windows.

Scams such as these are getting increasingly sophisticated, tricking users into clicking on links, downloading and installing items. Fermilab’s anti-virus system will never ask you to remove, download, or install anything. Fermilab’s Service Desk wants to remind you to be vigilant in scrutinizing the sites you visit and the links you click on. If you encounter an email or computer security situation that you are not sure how to handle, please call at x2345 to receive assistance.