Gear up for Bike to Work Week May 16 – 20

Bike to work week is May 16-20. If you ride to work you can log your miles through the Fermilab Bicycle Commuters webpage. Photo: Traffic Safety Subcommittee

If you’re looking to save money and stay fit, biking to work could be your answer.

Fermilab’s Environment, Safety and Health personnel and the Fermilab Bicycle Commuters want you to consider riding your bike to work next week. Although the entire month of May is Bike month, May 16-20 marks Bike to Work Week and May 20 is Bike to Work day.

Dave Peterson, an Accelerator Division employee and one of Fermilab’s Bicycle Commuters, said that it doesn’t matter which day or days you bike to work next week, just give it a try.

“Even if you only bike part of the way to work, using your bike instead of a car can save you money, boost your health and help to reduce your greenhouse gas emission,” Peterson said.

As part of a federal goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Department of Energy wants to reduce emissions from sources such as employee travel by 12 percent over the coming years, said Fermilab environmental specialist Eric Mieland. The department knows that meeting this goal will be challenging, he said.

Those who do choose to bike to work can log their commuting information on the Fermilab Bicycle Commuters webpage. Interested individuals just have to request a password to the site to do so.

Biking to work can also help you prepare for the Active Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commuter Challenge June 11-17, which pits businesses against one another to see who can get more employees to bike to work. PPD’s Jamieson Olsen is coordinating Fermilab’s participation.

If you do bike to work, please remember to follow the bicycling rules of the road both on and off site.

For more information on Bike to Work Week, please visit the League of American Bicyclists webpage.

Rhianna Wisniewski