Checklist? Check.

Making checklists is a worthwhile investment of your time since it will help you remember important tasks and avoid costly errors.

Did you ever skip making a list because the task was so easy even a caveman could do it?

Sometimes we think forgetting only happens to others. Actually, forgetfulness happens no matter how young, old or smart you are. That is why you should make and use checklists.

Checklists are one of many standard practices used to ensure a desired result is achieved consistently. Like airplane pilots use preflight checklists, professionals at Fermilab use checklists to ensure certain activities are accomplished, items are in a specific order and the job is complete and correct. This also helps avoid costly errors. For example, if a generator was started without coolant or lubricant, overheating could damage components. Knowing this, the Technical Division records the sequence of activities needed for the assembly and testing equipment. Likewise, the Accelerator Division uses a checklist to ensure the start up of the Tevatron is accomplished properly.

One of the objectives of quality is to ensure the customer (anyone depending on the results of an activity) obtains the expected and desirable results consistently. The Integrated Quality Assurance manual encourages the “appropriate level of work process controls, including which activities require written procedures…”

If you feel an activity needs to be accomplished more consistently or proficiently, consider a checklist and suggest it to your manager. Performing activities better and more affordably is not only a good idea; it is the right thing to do.

— edited by Tom King