DASTOW takes place Wednesday, June 22

Children learn about physics at the DASTOW 2010 FUNdamentals of Physics show. Photo: Reidar Hahn

School-aged children will get a chance to see how education pays off on Wednesday, June 22, when they visit Fermilab for Daughters and Sons to Work day.

Fermilab is one of many companies that honors the event in the summer rather than have children miss school in April or May when DASTOW is nationally recognized. Exposing children to workplaces is one way to show them the value of education, help them understand what their parents or relatives do at work and get them thinking about future career options. For adults, the day showcases how employees and employers strive for a work-life balance.

Fermilab’s DASTOW program returns with traditional favorite activities including Mr. Freeze’s cryogenics show, a trip to see the bison, the FUNdamentals of Physics show and a demonstration of skills and safety at the Fermilab Fire Department.

The directorate also encourages you to show your child your work area and explain what you do on a daily basis.

For a complete schedule of events and to see photos from previous DASTOW events, visit the DASTOW Web page.

To learn more about the history of the national DASTOW program, started in 1993 as Take Our Daughters to Work program and expanded to include boys in 2003, see the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation Web site.

Tona Kunz