FermiMail: Modernizing email and calendars

FermiMail, a new integrated email and calendar system will begin rolling out to mail users this month.

As part of a program to modernize email at Fermilab, the Computing Division will deploy FermiMail beginning this summer. The new system, dubbed FermiMail for its customized features, offers more reliable service and integrated features such as a calendar and meeting room planner.

All Fermilab email users will transition to FermiMail.

Some highlights of FermiMail are:

  • Integrated email, calendar and address book functionality
  • High availability (99.9 percent up-time)
  • Improved anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • Ability to retrieve deleted e-mail within 30 days of deletion date
  • Enhanced user support for email management
  • Conference room scheduling with direct booking and scheduling capability
  • A modern computing framework capable of feature expansion for instant messaging, conferencing, voice-mail integration and other technologies
  • Works with email and webmail programs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Configured to support Fermilab email-related policies

Local support team members will be on hand to answer your questions about FermiMail at the doctor booth in the Wilson Hall atrium during lunch hours on Wednesday, June 8, and Thursday, June 9. Read more about FermiMail and the coming transition online.

Rhianna Wisniewski