Institutional review

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone

Last week Fermilab was the subject of an institutional review. Such reviews are infrequent and arduous, as they cover the entire laboratory including facility operations, scientific program, current and planned projects and strategy for the future. Six managers from DOE and 10 reviewers from other labs and universities worked very hard during the four-day review. We are very appreciative of their recommendations. I think they will prove helpful in the future as we sell our program.

The table below shows the different reviews we go through on our scientific program. It is easy to feel burdened with reviews. There are reviews in front of national advisory committees, numerous DOE review committees, FRA Board reviews and our own Director’s reviews. The common joke is that we follow the example of the good gardener who gets up in the morning, walks into his garden and picks up his plants and turns them over to check that the roots are growing healthily. Jokes aside, reviews are a good way for us to communicate and disseminate our program to the community. Over the course of a year these reviews provide captive audiences to us for days at a time. These are excellent opportunities to build enthusiasm for our program with many influential members of the community.

This institutional review was an excellent one for us and I want to thank everyone who worked to prepare great talks, answered the questions posed by the reviewers during the sessions and as homework, and made themselves available throughout the review.

View the presentations and the slides from the institutional review.

The above graphic shows different reviews that Fermilab goes through on its scientific program.