Matt Arena receives 2010 Industrial Hygiene Award

CD employee Matt Arena (second from left) receives the 2010 Industrial Hygiene award from Chief Information Officer and acting CD head Vicky White, CD ES&H employee Amy Pavnica and ES&H employee Dave Baird. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Fermilab’s industrial hygiene information is now easier than ever to access thanks to Computing Division employee Matt Arena.

Arena received the 2010 Industrial Hygiene award for his efforts developing and upgrading the laboratory’s industrial hygiene databases.

Fermilab’s Industrial Hygiene Award is given annually to a Fermilab employee or group whose efforts have resulted in substantial progress to Fermilab’s Industrial Hygiene program.

Arena received the award June 3 from ES&H head Nancy Grossman, ES&H employee Dave Baird, acting Computing Division head Vicky White and CD’s Amy Pavnica and members of the Computing Division’s foundations and enterprise applications group.

Beginning with his early years in the Environmental Safety & Health Section and now as part of Computing Division’s Enterprise Information, Arena has been instrumental in both the conversion to and the development of numerous industrial hygiene databases to web-based Oracle systems. His ability to understand the Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee’s needs have helped him to create database tools that are relevant and useful now and for years to come.

Arena has developed several industrial hygiene database systems including the Industrial Hygiene Plan database and more recently the statistical upgrades to the Industrial Hygiene Samples database.

The Industrial Hygiene Plan database provides division, section and center industrial hygiene representatives with a tool to plan and track industrial hygiene work for the coming year. The statistical upgrades to the Industrial Hygiene Samples database calculate descriptive sample statistics including, sample size, mean, median, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, and percent above the exposure limit. The application also permits users to download the data into Excel and group materials to increase sample size for analysis.

Amy Pavnica, CD