New SSVSP questions and answers posted

Employees can access up-to-date information on the self-select voluntary separation program on the SSVSP Web pages.

Q. Will there be a tally count of the number of applications submitted for SSVSP posted on the website?

A. No, we will not be posting a tally. Because the important number for this voluntary separation program is the number of applications that are accepted, we will not post a running tally of the number of applications submitted. The number of applications that have been accepted will be announced in late July after the affected employees have been notified.

Q. Three years ago when we had a major voluntary separation program Divison/Sector/Center heads were required to shuffle people within their organizations to cover holes left by employees who had separated. Transfers from other organizations were prohibited. Will we have more flexibility this time to match the remaining staff to the programmatic needs?

A. Yes, there is more flexibility in this program. Internal transfers will be allowed when needed to fill vacant positions.

Q. Can an employee who accepts the SSVSP receive his or her severance pay in calendar year 2012?

A. No. Because the employee will have the right to the severance payment in 2011, the pay would be taxable in 2011, regardless of when it is received.