Self-select voluntary separation program

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone announced a self-select voluntary separation program at the All Hands meeting on Thursday, June 16. View the video online.

Yesterday I announced a self-select voluntary separation program that is being made available to regular employees to accomplish a necessary reduction in the size of the Fermilab staff. The program will bring laboratory operations into balance with the resources we expect for the next few years. It will also bring our workforce into balance with the skills required for future projects and programs.

The laboratory faces tight budgets as the federal government confronts large budget deficits. We have significantly reduced spending for materials and supplies, but a gap still remains in the funds for salaries, wages and benefits. In addition, the shutdown of the Tevatron at the end of September will accelerate the complex transition to the laboratory’s future scientific program. We will move as many employees as possible to jobs on new experiments and projects, but will still face a mismatch between our current workforce and what is needed for the future program. To bring our workforce into balance with future projects and available funding, we hope that 100 employees will apply for and be accepted into the SSVSP.

All regular Fermilab employees will be able to apply for the SSVSP. Once an employee has submitted an application, Fermilab management will decide whether to accept the request based on the requirements of the laboratory’s ongoing and future program. Criteria for acceptance will include the laboratory’s need for an employee’s skills taking into account retraining possibilities, the number of individuals with the required skills, whether or not the position will need to be filled following the departure of an employee, and documented individual performance.

More information on the program can be found on the SSVSP website. An SSVSP application package can be downloaded from the website or picked up from the Benefits office on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall or from the HR generalists.

Video from yesterday’s all-hands meeting is available online.