TIPP 2011 attracts scientists & engineers from many fields

Director of DOE Office of Science Bill Brinkman addresses TIPP 2011 attendees during a plenary talk titled, “Innovation: How It Happens” on June 9. Photo: Ted Liu

This year’s Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2011 conference, held from June 9-14, drew 483 registrants to Chicago from around the world. The meeting, which brought together people from research institutes, laboratories and industry, emphasized science-driven innovation in technology and instrumentation in particle physics, astrophysics and closely related fields.

“We want to encourage physicists, engineers and industry to learn more from each other and to work closer together,” said Fermilab’s Ted Liu, TIPP 2011 co-chair. “That will become ever more important in the future with science-driven innovations.”

The meeting featured talks on a wide array of instrumentation topics, such as detectors for accelerator-based and non-accelerator particle physics, as well as astrophysics. It also had a track dedicated to applications of particle physics technology to other research and commercial fields, such as medicine, biology and materials science.

“The conference is intended to fill a gap between conferences with mostly final physics results and conferences with mostly technical details,” Liu said. “The experimentalists – both physicists and engineers – should all feel at home here.”

The next TIPP conference will take place in 2014 in Europe.

— Leah Hesla