Better communication, processes top EAG successes

Since Fermilab’s Employee Advisory Group originally convened more than a year ago, members have advised the laboratory’s directorate and associated divisions and sections on a variety of issues.

Now, the group wants to hear from you. Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey designed to gauge employees’ views of management effectiveness at the laboratory. You can access the survey here and send the link to your colleagues.

The survey will help the group to better understand what qualities employees think effective managers and supervisors possess, what supervisors can do to keep up group morale and how much interaction supervisors should have with their employees.

Results from the survey will be discussed in the next EAG meeting. The results of the survey build on an ongoing discussion of overall management effectiveness at the laboratory. Some topics that the group tackled recently include the professional development of managers and supervisors as well as the self-select voluntary separation program.

Additional topics that the group has studied and made recommendations on include:

  • The effectiveness of new employee orientation and the client engagement meeting
  • How WDRS communicates personnel and benefits issues
  • The understanding and communication about performance reviews
  • Traffic safety regulations
  • Communicating uncertainty and Fermilab’s strategic plan for the future
  • Management effectiveness at the laboratory, including promotions and training

For more detailed information about the above topics or to access the recommendations the group has made to the directorate or related division and section, please visit the EAG website. An update about and summaries from the June meeting will be posted soon.

If you would like to contribute to a past or current topic under discussion in the Employee Advisory Group, please contact an Employee Advisory Group member. You can also submit a suggestion or question via the EAG website. Submissions can be made anonymously.

— Rhianna Wisniewski, Employee Advisory Group Steering Committee member