ES&H – It’s everywhere!

Nancy Grossman, head of the ES&H section, wrote this week’s column.

Nancy Grossman

ES&H is part of everything we do, whether we realize it or not. We don’t often realize the impact we have on our own safety, health or the environment as we drive to work or shop for groceries. We frequently operate on autopilot, doing things as we have always done them. But all the little choices we make can affect our health and the environment and, sometimes, even our safety and that of others.

Our schedules and budgets are tight, and times seem very uncertain. It is under these circumstances that we are more likely to make poor choices or simply not think about the choices we are making. Yet it is under these circumstances that we must be even more careful and pay attention. If you see a flaw in a work process or you know how the process can be improved—say something. Share your good ideas. Help coworkers make good choices. Support each other. Join our “Accelerate to Healthy Lifestyle” program with a friend to relieve stress, while improving your health and your friend’s health.

Fermilab’s greatest strength is its people. The science is interesting, but the people make it fun. Let’s continue to share our good ideas and concerns to improve ES&H and our science program.

So slow down, Take 5, look at what is going on around you, think about how you can improve what you are doing, both at work and at home. And then share your ideas. We can make it through these trying times, while continuing to be first in science and safety.