IT improvements are on their way

Mark Kaletka, who leads Lab and Scientific Core Services in the Computing Sector, wrote this week’s column.

Mark Kaletka

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 CE – 180 CE), “Meditations”

This is certainly a time of great change, some of it a bit scary, most of it exciting, and everything full of opportunity. In the recently formed Computing Sector, we’ve become accustomed to a dizzying pace of technological and organizational changes as we provide for the evolving needs of our laboratory. Our most recent change has organized the Computing Sector into Scientific and Core Computing Divisions.

The Core Computing Division’s mission is to provide the essential Information Technology infrastructure and services to support the laboratory’s scientific program and business functions. These include services we all rely on every day, such as desktops and email; big commercial systems for business functions like financial accounting and human resources; and services like networks, storage, and even computer rooms, which aren’t always visible but are absolutely vital.

This summer, members of the Core Computing Division will be working very hard to improve our IT infrastructure.

  • We have completed the initial rollout of Windows 7 and are moving into the second phase, developing strategies for maintaining a standard, up-to-date desktop fleet.
  • Our email infrastructure is undergoing a complete modernization, replacing systems as old as 10 years.
  • We’ve just completed a major upgrade of the human resources system, and are beginning a similar, major upgrade of the financial system.
  • Our network architecture is undergoing a comprehensive review that we’ll use to create a five-year improvement plan.
  • The Service Desk tool, Remedy, is being replaced by an external cloud service, ServiceNow, which will save cost and provide a much-improved user interface.

We’re very excited about these and other projects. Please watch for more news, and give us your postive and negative feedback through the Service Desk.