New Fermilab email project to reduce spam

As part of the email modernization project, the laboratory will switch to a new anti-virus and anti-spam filtering system on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The new service will dramatically increase the accuracy of identifying and eliminating spam email and significantly decrease the false-positive (valid email identified as spam) rate. The service promises a capture rate of over 99 percent for spam and no more than 0.0003 percent false-positives.

The Computing Sector expects that email users will no longer receive messages that are identified as spam or that contain a virus. However, we encourage you to continue to use caution. Do not open attachments unless you are sure they are safe, and do not automatically assume that an email is from who it appears to be from. In the rare event that either spam is sent to your inbox or that you believe valid email has been identified as spam, you can fill out a form on the spam and anti-virus page linked below that will generate a Service Desk ticket. Email identified as spam will be quarantined and retained for 14 days before it is permanently removed.

Due to the increased accuracy we expect from our anti-virus/anti-spam filtering service, we recommend that you do not use your email client’s built-in “This is spam/junk” function to tag or filter email. In the very rare case that you do receive spam, please use the form at the link below to report it, thereby helping improve the filters for everyone.

See the spam and anti-virus page for more information.

Marcia Teckenbrock, computing outreach and communication