SSVSP deadline Thursday; New Q&As posted

The deadline to apply for the self-select voluntary separation program (SSVSP) is Thursday, July 7. To learn more about the SSVSP or how to apply, visit the website. New Q&As such as those below are available on the SSVSP site.

Q. Why is Fermilab still hiring new employees?

A. We must fill positions necessary for the continuing operation and success of the laboratory. We try to fill open positions, including in new projects, with our own staff to the maximum possible extent. In some cases, if we don’t already have the critical skills needed within the laboratory, we need to fill those positions from outside. We hire new staff as sparingly as possible to maintain our progress and commitments to DOE, and we’ve continued to bring in people for temporary summer-time positions such as physics internships and necessary seasonal work such as lawn mowing.

Q. Can accrued vacation and severance pay be used to bridge any timeline gap, and make it so that I can take the SSVSP to initiate my retirement?

A. You must be eligible to retire on your separation date. You cannot use severance pay or accrued vacation to bridge the time gap.

Visit the SSVSP website for more information