A new spokesperson for DZero

Gregorio Bernardi

DZero is getting a new face today. Gregorio Bernardi, of the LPNHE, a high-energy and nuclear physics laboratory in Paris, France, replaces Stefan Sӧldner-Rembold as co-spokesperson. Part of the DZero experiment since 1998, Bernardi has big plans.

“This transition happens at a very exciting time,” Bernardi said. “We have the largest amount of data ever at this point, and the Higgs search is getting very interesting.”

Sӧldner-Rembold agrees, citing the large number of papers that have been published.

Stefan Sӧldner-Rembold

“This is the peak phase of the experiment. A lot of things are happening,” Sӧldner-Rembold said. “We couldn’t have asked for a better time to be a part of this experiment.”

Dmitri Denisov is in his third two-year term as a DZero co-spokesperson. He has worked as co-spokesperson with Sӧldner-Rembold for the past two years.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Stefan. He is an excellent scientist, with a wonderful sense of humor,” Denisov said. “When you lead 500 people, you need the humor to progress in many situations.”

Sӧldner-Rembold attributes his successful peer mediation to the experiment personnel and their common goal.

“We all want to be productive,” Sӧldner-Rembold said. “And it works. We put a lot of physics out.”

Denisov will continue as co-spokesperson alongside Bernardi.

“I’ve known Gregorio for more than 10 years, and he has extraordinary abilities,” Denisov said. “I look forward to working as productively with him as I did with Stefan.”

Bernardi is happy and feels lucky to take this leadership position at DZero.

“It’s going to be very interesting,” Bernardi said. “We have not finished with our surprises. Besides the Higgs, we may have a big discovery in the coming year, as we continue improving on the hints we already have in our data.”

Sӧldner-Rembold will return to the University of Manchester to head the particle physics group. He parts with advice for Bernardi.

“He should have fun, and enjoy the job. I know I did,” Sӧldner-Rembold said.

Ashley WennersHerron