Employees Advisory Group update: Framing and feedback

The website for Fermilab’s Employee Advisory Group was recently updated. Visitors to this site can now see additional meeting summaries, upcoming meeting topics and the document that the group is using to guide its management conversations. That framing document provides an initial assessment of management culture at Fermilab and explains the steps that the group is taking to advise the directorate on this issue.

A key part of moving forward with that process is information gathering. The Employee Advisory Group’s survey on management effectiveness will help to inform an ongoing discussion on this topic. Please note that information given in the survey will not be reported back to an individual’s supervisor. EAG members will discuss results from the survey at the next meeting, which takes place on Aug. 25. If you have not yet taken the survey, please plan to do so before it closes on Friday, Aug. 19

Take the survey.

If you have questions or concerns about the survey or wish to discuss an issue on the agenda for the upcoming or future meeting, please contact an EAG member or submit a question or suggestion anonymously .

— Rhianna Wisniewski, employee advisory group steering committee member