Fermilab goes to the State Fair

Stop by Fermilab’s booth in the Governor’s tent, “Illinois Innovation!” today through Aug. 21.

What do prize-winning animals, 500 pounds of unsalted butter and Fermilab have in common? All will be part of the Illinois State Fair, which begins today and runs through Sunday, Aug. 21.

Fermilab’s booth, shown above, is located in the Governor’s tent, “Innovation Illinois!” between the booths representing the film “Transformers” and Argonne National Laboratory.

If you happen to be headed to Springfield, Illinois, during the next week and a half, please stop by. During the weekends, Fermilab staff will give demonstrations on superconductivity, magnetism and particle detector technology and will talk about how scientists at Fermilab are working to understand the nature of energy and matter in the universe.

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Rhianna Wisniewski