Fermilab implements traffic safety citation changes

After a suggestion from the Employee Advisory Group and reviewing regulatory requirements and offsite penalties, Fermilab has updated its levels of discipline for moving and parking violations. These changes were made to allow management more flexibility and to more closely emulate the monetary impact of similar violations offsite. This change is reflected in the revised chapter of the Fermilab ES&H Manual on traffic safety.

Previously, personnel received five days off without pay if they accrued three or more moving violations in a six-month period or four or more parking violations in a 90-day period. The new policy has reduced the number of days off without pay to a minimum of two days for a similar number of moving violations and a minimum of one day off for parking violations. The number of days off is determined by the individual’s division, section or center head in conjunction with WDRS.

In conjunction with these changes, Fermilab has also clarified both the traffic safety citation appeals process and communication practices. When someone receives a written citation from a Security Officer, they have a period of five working days to appeal the citation through the Traffic Citation Review Committee, by submitting a Traffic Citation Appeal Form.

Finally, under the modified policy Fermilab employees, visitors, users and contractors need to contact the Medical Office after a vehicle accident only if they are injured or directed to do so by a security officer. Previously, all personnel were required to go regardless of the severity of the accident.

For more information on traffic safety, please visit the Fermilab Traffic Safety webpage.

Nancy Grossman, head of ES&H