John Korienek – 41 years of exceptional contributions

John Korienek

Fermilab PPD employee John Korienek, 77, died on July 23, 2011.

John started at Fermilab on July 20, 1970, in the machine shop. In 1971, he transferred to the film analysis group of the Physics Department. It was there that he maintained the bubble chamber film scanning machines and built the manually operated measuring machine, accurate to one micron.

After Wilson Hall was completed, he disassembled the machines to fit in the elevators and re-assembled them on the ninth floor, along with the rest of his technician shop.

His efforts were instrumental in building numerous wire chamber winding machines, diamond-cutting plastic finishers and special machines too numerous to mention. He also made a large contribution to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project.

Virtually every experiment at Fermilab has parts either made by John or made using his special machines. He was the guy to go to for novel solutions that required thinking out of the box.

John was eventually made group leader of what is now the Particle Physics Division’s technical centers machine development and maintenance group. Later he was also made group leader of the computer numerical control routing group.

His management style encouraged bringing out the best efforts of his crew. His friendly manner was appreciated by customers and his crew alike. John was an extraordinary fellow. We will miss him.

Carl Lindenmeyer, PPD