Star Wars fan film – Aug. 8

AD’s Bruce Worthel and Duane Newhart film a scene in Wilson Hall’s Atrium.

A long time ago in a national laboratory far, far away… some physicists looked around their workplace and thought of dark forces. Not dark matter; not dark energy; but the ultimate force from the dark side: Darth Vader…

Now, nearly six years later, employees and users at Fermilab can view the results: the first full-length Star Wars fan film. Well, actually, you can see the first 20 minutes, for now.

The cast members of Star Wars: Forgotten Realm, of which more than two dozen are Fermilab employees, wants to thank Fermilab for its cooperation in filming by offering a sneak peek at 12:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8, in Ramsey Auditorium. Fox Valley TV also will air the first 20 minutes of the film later this year on Channel 17. The TV station allowed the crew use of its green room and equipment to work on some of the special effects for the film.

Several of the scenes of the movie were filmed at Fermilab, including in the NUMI tunnel, during off-work hours. This first part of the movie showcases the prairie. The two-hour film was shot under the direction of Darren Crawford, the laboratory’s Accelerator Operations crew chief.

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Tona Kunz