SUSY 2011 conference

The SUSY 2011 Conference particpants gathered on the steps of Wilson Hall on Aug. 30. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Theoretical and experimental physicists came together this week at Fermilab to discuss recent developments in the field of particle physics. The Supersymmetry 2011 International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (SUSY 2011) comes to a close today, Sept. 2.

“All week, people were very interested in discussing the recent results and the results expected to come out soon,” Marcela Carena, particle theorist and co-chair of SUSY 2011, said. “Physicists are analyzing an incredible amount of data every day. Everyone is excited.”

Joe Lykken, particle theorist and co-chair of SUSY 2011, noted that more than one presenting theorist informed the seminar participants that the information on the recently prepared slides was already outdated

The conference, held since 1993, invites participants to analyze new high-energy physics concepts on an international scale. A different physics laboratory or university hosts the conference each time. This is the second time Fermilab held the SUSY conference.

Carena and Lykken also chaired the first Fermilab SUSY conference in 1999. The number of participants doubled to 350 people, half of who are international. Registrants traveled to Fermilab from as far away as China and India.

Starting on Aug. 28, the attendees participated in several sessions covering Tevatron and LHC results, as well as physics beyond the Standard Model.

“A lot of experimental results were presented, which is unusual,” Lykken said. “The conference originally focused on theoretical physics.”

Results are coming fast and furious this year, which gives theoretical and experimental a lot to talk about.

“The scientists are looking at how the data influences the theories,” Carena said. “Now is the time to think.”

Ashley WennersHerron