Thank you, from DZero

As the DZero collaboration prepares to join in tomorrow’s festivities and celebrate the Tevatron, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize those who have helped make the DZero experiment a success over the years.

To the Accelerator Division goes our gratitude for providing proton-antiproton collisions with remarkable reliability at beam intensities far beyond the design goals of the Tevatron. Their effort to optimize the delivered integrated luminosity to the experiments assured continuing success of our physics program.

The Particle Physics Division hosts the experiment construction and operations and a large fraction of the experiment’s physicists. The division assured reliable, safe and productive operation of the experiment.

We rely on the efforts of the Computing Division to perform the intense processing that transforms our raw data into the reconstructed physics objects that we use for analysis. Computing Division stores and provides access to our large data set and administrates the large farm of computers we rely on for our physics analyses.

Thanks to all laboratory personnel for providing services critical to the life of this large, international collaboration which culminated in many discoveries and exciting measurements at the Energy Frontier collider.

Much of our support comes from outside the laboratory, and we would like to acknowledge all of the universities and laboratories that are involved in the DZero experiment. Also critical to our success is the continuing support of many national and international funding agencies, especially that of the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.

Finally, we would like to give a very special thanks to our families and to the families of those thanked above. Though as a collaboration we keep careful track of every collision that occurs and each event that is stored, we tend to lose track of the number late nights, long weekends and 3 a.m. expert phone calls that add an intangible cost to our efforts to succeed!

The DZero collaboration is looking forward to producing many excellent physics results as we examine our complete data set from Run II of the Tevatron!

—The DZero Collaboration