Bob Grant retires – Oct. 7

Bob Grant

Bob Grant works to make sure products produced by Fermilab are of the highest possible standard, but soon he will be fishing instead of working. Grant, the head of the Office of Quality and Best Practices, will retire on Oct. 7.

“I help people think about how to make their operations as reliable as possible,” Grant said. “The people at Fermilab are justifiably proud of their work, and they want to do it with the highest quality.”

In 2005, Grant led the effort to develop a proposal for the Quality Assurance (QA) elements of a new management and operating contract with the DOE. It took a year, but the contract was awarded with the highest score ever given by the DOE.

“The contract completion was rewarding – it allowed us to demonstrate QA formally,” Grant said. “In 2007, we implemented QA in every part of Fermilab, in all aspects.”

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—Ashley WennersHerron