Bob Webber retired – Oct. 7

Bob Webber

Bob Webber’s subtle sense of humor was apparent as he commented on the laundry list of major accomplishments that marked nearly 40 years with Fermilab.

“If you’ve been someplace 40 years, you have to accomplish something or it looks bad,” he quipped.

Webber, who worked in the accelerator test facilities department for advanced accelerator projects in the Accelerator Division, retired on Oct. 7. He started at Fermilab in 1972.

A casual mention of Fermilab by a professor at Iowa State University eventually led Webber to his life’s work in Batavia.

“I remember one of the professors was talking about how they’re building a great big new accelerator in Batavia, Illinois,” Webber said. “At the time, I had no idea what that meant.”

But after graduation, he saw a job listing for the laboratory. He applied, eventually became a charter member of the Accelerator Physics Center and then the deputy head.

“For all the years there was always something new and exciting to do,” Webber said. “I had the privilege to work on many things and to meet people who were willing to give me the opportunity to participate.”

And participate, he did.

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