Fermilab welcomes Tara Turner to the Benefits Office

Tara Turner

There’s a new leader of the Benefits Office. Tara Turner, the new benefits manager at Fermilab, joined the Workforce Development and Resources Section in late August. Her goal is to bring solid benefits packages to Fermilab employees.

“I love the laboratory. I love the environment,” Turner said. “The people here have been very nice and welcoming. It’s a very positive, employee-focused work environment.”

With a career in benefits management spanning 16 years, Turner brings not only a wealth of experience but a new approach to the department. Before taking the lead role at the Benefits Office, Turner managed the North American Human Resources department at the German automaker Porsche. She hopes to apply the successful benefits management and financial skills she gained at Porsche to providing efficient and valuable benefits packages to Fermilab employees. Another goal is to continue to bring solid benefits packages to Fermilab employees and look for areas of improvement.

“Physics is really outside my area. I’m used to talking about services and products the employer provides,” she said, noting that the new physics culture will take some adjusting but will ultimately lead to new opportunities. “Particle physics is an exciting discipline.”

“Tara brings excellent technical and customer service benefits skills to the laboratory,” said Kay Van Vreede, head of WDRS. “We believe that she will enhance the service we provide to everyone at the laboratory and to our retirees.”

Brad Hooker