General improvements and generalists

Kay Van Vreede

Kay Van Vreede, head of the Workforce, Development and Resources Section, wrote this column.

During the last year and a half we’ve made many changes in HR in response to feedback we received from you.

We’ve tried to bring our services closer to you and make HR services and programs more accessible and easy to use. Here are some of the major things we’ve done:

  • We redesigned our website and published both online and in print a “Who Does What in HR” brochure.
  • We offer several ways to give us feedback including customer service surveys. Of those we’ve received, about 85 percent have been positive.
  • We have a virtual suggestion box that you can access from the front page of our website.
  • We have added signs to the 15th floor so that people can find where they need to go.
  • We’ve come to your location. We’ve really worked to get out to you with the Ask HR booths, by holding different types of programs at different lab locations, and, most importantly, by putting three generalists out in your areas.

Creating an HR generalist program has been one of our biggest projects to date. Our HR generalists are Jeff Artel, Heather Sidman and Denise Stephens. Jeff Artel serves the Computing and Operations Sectors. He has offices in Feynman and in Wilson Hall on 4SW. Heather Sidman provides services for the Accelerator Sector, which includes the Technical Division. She has offices in the AD Cross Gallery and TD ICB 3rd floor. Denise Stephens serves the Particle Physics Sector. She has offices in WH8W and PPD SiDet Lab A. Learn more about our generalists or view their office hours here. All three of them are here for your questions; help with HR issues and suggestions.

As a reminder, you can ask your generalist or your Benefits Office staff about Benefit open enrollment, which begins Nov. 7. In general, please remember that we want to learn from you how we can continue to improve our service to you. Tell your generalists or use our suggestion box. We hope to hear from you soon.