Help a former Fermilab Today intern live in a museum

Dave Mosher

The museum is closing in five minutes. Guards let a few stragglers out the front, locking the door behind them. The main lights shut off. Clicking footsteps echo through the hallways as employees scuttle for an exit. Yet one person is staying. or so he hopes.

Dave Mosher, a former science-writing intern at Fermilab Today, is one of six finalists in a contest to stay 30 days and 30 nights at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI).

“I didn’t see any option not to apply,” said Mosher. “As a science journalist, I’m very curious about exhibits and artifacts. I want to know everything about them. So it seems like a natural thing.”

After interning at Fermilab in 2006, Mosher finished his degree at Ohio State University. Recently he contributed to the Wired magazine website and worked as a freelance science journalist covering a NASA shuttle launch.

“I miss the buffalos, the zaniness, the weird sculptures, the giant obelisk,” Mosher said in recalling his life at Fermilab. “I really just enjoyed the mix of everything, including the ground-breaking science done there.”

This will be the second contest for the museum. Mosher said he watched with fascination and envy from the sideline last year as the application process was gradually narrowed down to Kate McGroarty. Mosher’s interest in the contest grew from there. Immersing himself in the world of the museum for 30 days, Mosher would finally get his fill of science geekdom.

Place your vote for Mosher by 5 p.m. today. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

Brad Hooker