John Krider retires – Oct. 7

John Krider

A farewell party for Krider will take place Thursday, Oct. 6 at the SiDet Lab C Kitchen at 3 p.m.

Engineering physicist John Krider joined Fermilab in 1983 under Carlos Hojvat, during the early construction of the Antiproton Source. From his days working with a small team at Indiana University (IU), Krider brought focus, efficiency and flexibility to his work.

“I pretty much had to do a little of everything at IU and was exposed to the full range of activities in designing, building and operating a relatively small experiment,” he said, adding that he even fixed the HVAC and swept the floor. When he began at Fermilab, Krider took on a range of duties, later transferring from the Antiproton Source to the Research Division. “Back then it was just about doing whatever needed to be done.”

Composed under pressure and trusted by his colleagues, Krider accepted the toughest projects, finishing them with little fanfare and finding himself always in high demand.

“People came to him to get stuff done,” longtime colleague Hogan Nguyen said.

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—Brad Hooker