John Urban retired – Oct. 7

John Urban

John Urban and the Tevatron started at Fermilab right around the same time. Urban was in the air force for seven years before he joined Argonne National Laboratory. He spent 17 years there before he joined Fermilab in 1985, as a high-level RF tech specialist. He retired from the laboratory on Oct. 7.

“I spent 26 years here,” Urban said, smiling. “Evidently, I liked it.”

Urban recently completed building two bias supplies for the NOvA experiment. The supplies will help reduce the Main Injector cycle time to 1.33 seconds from 2.2 seconds. According to Joe Dey, Urban’s supervisor, Urban’s impending retirement put a crunch on construction.

“I knew Urban was going to retire on me one of these days,” Dey said.

Dey said that the cavities were the first part of the project approved, so that Urban could get to work on the two supplies. And the work was excellent.

“John has always taken great pride in his work,” Dey said.

While Urban will miss his work, he’s excited to sleep in.

“I didn’t mind getting up in the morning for work,” Urban said. “But I’m happy to turn off the alarm clock.”

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