New head of the Core Computing Division

Jon Bakken

Jon Bakken joined Fermilab in 1994, but he brings a starting-over-again outlook to his new post as head of the Core Computing Division.

“I fully recognize I’m the new guy here,” said Bakken, who officially assumed his new duties on Oct. 1. “I’m excited to be the Division Head and I will be doing my best to make us an efficient division, ready to help the laboratory meet its mission.”

How does he plan to achieve this? Along with the help of Mark Kaletka, now the deputy head of the Core Computing Division, he has some ideas.

Mark Kaletka

First, they will encourage staffers to take exercise breaks, after learning from Amy Pavnica, CD Safety Officer, that short breaks lead to increased productivity. Bakken will also work to get the word out on CD’s accomplishments. That means offering visible credit for the division’s staff, such as commending Kaletka for his leadership role in pursuing ISO20K certification for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Bakken also would like department heads to take responsibility for submitting an article for each issue of “CD-Tracks,” CD’s monthly online publication.

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—Mike Perricone