Take action to achieve improvement in the workplace

Do you have an idea to improve workplace efficiency? Use CAPA to put it in effect.

If you know of problems affecting the efficiency of work processes or the quality of outputs, consider using the Fermilab Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) procedure to resolve them. CAPA can be used to submit and track requests for problem resolution as well as for process improvement.

A recent successful use of the CAPA system was a request submitted by an employee seeking a way to streamline the work. After review of the process, it was determined that some of the steps could be removed, and that the number of employees required to execute it could be reduced from three to two. These changes improved the efficiency of the process and freed up resources to work on other tasks and projects.

Use of the CAPA procedure can help make you a more efficient and effective employee by eliminating unneeded job steps, reducing execution time and eliminating waste.

At Fermilab, you begin the CAPA process by reporting a problem or opportunity for improvement to your manager. Next, you or your manager completes the Fermilab Corrective and Preventive Action Plan form. This form, found on the OQBP website, is used to communicate the details of the issue to the person who will resolve it. This person develops and implements a corrective or preventive action plan. The success of the corrective and preventive actions taken is verified by you or your manager.

If you are interested in using the CAPA procedure for problem resolution or process improvement, contact your D/S/C Quality Assurance Representative, or a Quality Assurance Engineer from the Office of Quality and Best Practices.

Edited by John Martzel