Intensity Frontier workshop registration deadline – Nov. 14

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, DOE’s Offices of High Energy and Nuclear Physics are co-sponsoring a workshop on Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier in Rockville, Maryland. Fermilab scientists and users are encouraged to attend the workshop to share their views on the scientific opportunities and facilities necessary for a strong U.S. scientific program at the Intensity Frontier of particle physics.

The workshop is an opportunity for the particle and nuclear physics community to identify and expand upon the scientific potential of the Intensity Frontier. Starting in September, six working groups will study and begin to document the full spectrum of Intensity Frontier physics opportunities and identify the necessary facilities to execute such a program. The working groups—heavy quarks, charged leptons, neutrinos, photons, proton decay and nucleons, nuclei and atoms—will organize smaller topical meetings during October and November. The scientific community will have another chance to provide input at the workshop, which will conclude with the preliminary findings of the working groups.

The last day to register is Monday, Nov. 14. More information is available online.